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on 24 March 2015
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Please be informed that as from 02 March 2015 a new administrative fee (in addition to the visa fee) has to be paid before the submission of some D visas for Belgium. This fee has to be paid in Belgium by the applicant or by a third party and will cover the administrative expenses related to the examination of D visa.

The Embassy of Belgium is pleased to announce the Visa Application Centre operated by VFS in Kiev , Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv and Donetsk . This service is available for Ukrainian residents/other country nationals legally residing in Ukraine who wish to apply for a Schengen visa to Belgium or Luxembourg. This site provides with details related to your application submission and collection process along with other useful information you need to know.

More information about the Application Centers in Ukraine can be found under following links - click here

All applications collected by the Visa Application Centers will be sent to the Embassy of Belgium in Kyiv for assessment and resolution. Visa Application Centre staff has no say in the visa decisions taken by the Embassy.

Click the link to access the official website of Embassy of Belgium, Kyiv

Dear applicants! Please note that you have an option to submit your documents at the Visa Application Centre or directly at the Embassy.

There are two ways of submitting the Visa Application:
1. Submission at Visa Application Center (personal or through representative on behalf of applicant)
2. Application submission by Two Way Courier Service. For more information please click here

Process of application being submitted at Visa Application Center
Step 1 : Prepare your application and supporting documents:
Go to ‘ALL ABOUT YOUR VISAS’ link on this website and find out details related to the visa category you want to apply for – here, you can find the applicable fee, documents required, Visa application form and more.
Step 2 : Submit your application:
Visit Visa Application Centre to submit your completed Visa Application Forms along with required supporting documents. Prior appointment is not required for documents submission at the Visa Application Center.
Step 3 : Pay applicable Fee:
Submission Officer will advise you on total payable amount and guide you to the bank cashier where you need to pay in local currency (Hryvnia). Receipt will be provided for all payments made at the Centre.

Please note:

At the time of submission at the Visa Application Centre, applicant has the choice to:
Subscribe for Courier Service for return of passport.
Subscribe for SMS Service where Visa Application Centre sends application status on applicant’s mobile and via email.
  Please download and fill the Personal Data Information Agreement in 1 copies.The Personal Data Personal Data Information Agreement is also available at the Visa application centers. To download Personal Data Information Agreement, please click here.

After submission, you can also check status of your application online by simply providing your Passport number and the unique VAC Reference Number or Passport expiry date. VAC reference number (starts with KIVA or LVIV or ODBE, KHBE or DOBE) can be found on the Invoice-Cum-Receipt provided by the Submission Officer at the Visa Application Centre at the time of submission.

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